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Among the many issues associated with water, especially in the domestic circle, hard water is an undesirable condition of water when it consists of harmful minerals like calcium or magnesium. In recent years a number of new technologies have been developed to "soften" water.

Even though water softening is based on the same principle as water filtration, the resources slightly differ. For example, many kinds of salts like rock salt, evaporated salt and solar salt are used as softening agents. However, it's critical that the correct proportion of salts are used - too much or too little can cause further buildup problems.

We insist that you realize the importance of eliminating the hardness in your water since:

  • Hard water generally has very high amounts of minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. These minerals deposit in the household appliances like kettles and disturb their functionality.
  • In addition, they also turn out to become stubborn deposits in pipe lines and water heaters, causing them to be clogged. Once the pipe lines become clogged, naturally, other issues like burst pipes or broken and/or damaged pipe lines may cause nightmares to you. Sometimes, even plumbing emergencies arise due to clogged pipe lines.
  • The minerals that cause hardness in water also make it less effective by blocking formation of lather. Thus, you face much difficulty while doing activities like washing, laundry, bathing, etc. The cleaning efficiency of detergents is reduced by minerals present in hard water.

To increase the usability of hard water, our plumbers use simple yet effective water softeners like sodium carbonate. A system called zeolite is used to cleanse the hard water and make it soft and usable. Through this method, sodium ions are used to remove the ions consisting of calcium and magnesium and there is no possibility of precipitation. Thereby, the undesirable effects of hard water like bathtub rings are for the most part eliminated.

Just some of the brands we either repair or replace include Culligan, Sears, Kenmore, Ecowater, Kinetico, Rheem, Kleck, GE ( General Electric ), H20 Harmony, Surge Water, Water Boss and Northstar.

Contact us today for affordable, dependable and punctual plumbing tasks related to water softeners. We deal only in the best-quality water softeners in the market to give you long-lasting results and helping you save time, energy and money through the years.



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